Thai massage is a treatment that is designed for healing. Healing is another form of art, and art can be learnt and perfected by any human being, provided adequate training and accreditation is provided by a credible institution. All our Therapists are trained by Thai specialists.

A perfect example is about the best Jiu Jiutsu fighter of all time (Marcus Almeida, a Brazilian).  He won 13 gold medals from 2012 to 2019. However, Jiu Jiutsu did not originate from Brasil, It was first practiced in Japan, and was later adopted by Brazilians. The same can be said about rugby, and where the sport originated from.

Gift vouchers are sold in the store for any desired amount. According to section 63 of the South African Consumer Protection Act, vouchers expire after 3 years from the date of purchase / issued.

Yes, we are open on Public holidays from 9:00am to 5pm. However, we are closed on X-mas day (25th December), Day Of Goodwill / Boxing Day (26th December) & the 1st of January every year.  

Yes, We offer a loyalty card to our regular clients. This is how it works: If you visit Mai Flamingo 6 times, for any treatment. Then we will offer you a 30% discount on your 6th visit. Continue to visit 4 more times, then the 5th treatment is completely FREE (1 hour or 30min Treatment). Loyalty cards are offered in the store. 

Yes, We offer discounts on 6 months pre-paid packages. Packages are transferable to friends and family members and are valid for 2 years. (Refer to the Pricelist table, under Treatments for more details)

Thai massage is very safe. Treatment plans vary case by case, according to the needs and limitations of each body. We do a thorough intake before each massage session to ensure we work safely and use techniques that are safe for the individual. This is your massage, and if at any time you feel uncomfortable, please voice this to us and we will adjust the treatment. Open wounds, infectious skin ailments, very recent accidents or injuries may need more time before massage is indicated to be of benefit.

For most people, massage is very safe and helpful for an array of problems and pain. 

Massage should always be done to your comfort level. While some of the movements may feel strange, they should never feel painful. You should feel comfortable enough with your massage therapist to communicate with them throughout the session if you experience any discomfort or pain.

Once you’ve scheduled an appointment at Mai Flamingo, please arrive a little early (+/-10min) to fill out any necessary paperwork. Talk to your Therapist before commencing with your treatment. Let them know if you have any particularly sensitive areas or spots you want to target. Keep and open mind and expect a totally different kind of massage.

If you have selected the Traditional Thai massage, we will provide you with the necessary clothing to change into. Please watch the HOW TO WEAR video from our website. If you must eat before your appointment, make sure it is a light meal.

Access to the skin might be needed for some treatments, if so, appropriate draping will be used.

No, we prefer not to massage any pregnant clients to avoid any complications that may arise during the session. 

Any information is useful to our therapists to ensure that they take special care while doing your massage. A health conditions form is provided prior to doing the massage.

Depending on your body and needs, at least once a week is recommended for those with problems. Once a month is enough for those with no problems.

Out of respect to our esteemed clients and their families, Mai Flamingo does not offer such services. 

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